Six Flags announces new guest reservation system to ensure social distancing

Six Flags has announced the launch of their new guest reservation system, which will allow the parks to manage their daily attendance levels and ensure social distancing per CDC guidelines.

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“The health and safety of our guests and team members is always our highest priority and in the current environment, we certainly want to take extra precautions to create a safe experience for everyone,” said Mike Spanos, president and CEO of Six Flags. “We are excited about reopening our parks and getting back to the business of fun; however, we want to do so in the safest possible manner. By having guests pre-register before they visit, we can plan ahead with proper staffing and sanitization measures, including ensuring that guests and team members maintain safe social distancing throughout the day.”

Every guest with a single-day ticket, a group ticket, Membership, or a Season Pass will be required to make a reservation for their specific visit date online at During the process, which takes about 5-7 minutes, guests will complete the following steps:

  1. Enter their online order number, ticket number, or Membership/Season pass number
  2. Select the date that they want to visit, and the approximate time they wish to enter the park
  3. Watch a short video that explains the new social distancing and sanitization procedures
  4. Acknowledge their understanding of the company’s health policy
  5. Order pre-paid parking, if they don’t already have a pass

If all reservations for a particular day are taken, guests will have the choice to join a waitlist and will be contacted automatically if additional entry spots are released or if a guest cancels and a spot opens up. Diamond and Diamond Elite Members will automatically be added to the priority waitlist, and Members and Season Passholders will receive booking priority over single-day ticket buyers.

Guests will be contacted electronically (either by email, text, or both) the day before their scheduled visit to confirm their plans and remind them of the company’s health policy. Reservations can be canceled with no penalty any time before 8 a.m. (local time) on the day of the scheduled visit. Keep in mind that guests who don’t use this system to get their advance reservations will not be allowed to enter the parks once reopened.

The new guest reservation system is currently not in use, but will be activated to accept reservations once specific park reopening dates are released.

To learn more about the new reservation system, visit


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  1. Gee, this sounds suspiciously similar to a system I conceived if back in 1988, which I called “CompuTour.” Mine would have treated a park much like a Broadway theater, requiring prospective guests to book a specific date for their visit, along with a set of “Destinations” they wanted to experience. I’m not saying Six Flags read my many descriptions about my system on Twitter and copied it, but I must say it is suspiciously similar.

  2. My concerns will be being a season pass holder and be locked out of visiting the park multiple times just simply to break even with the cost of the season pass/parking vs. the cost of paying for individual visits. Have Six Flags looked into their plans if a season pass holder is unable to visit the park at all or at least once or twice because of reservations bring fully booked.

    1. So I spent all that money on a season pass and a meal plan to make a reservation and what happens if i don’t get a spot. Six flags this is so disappointing to people who have kids and do a spur of the moment trip. Every time you call Six flags and ask about them extending the pass you get no where. I feel they are becoming money hungry especially with the prices of a child for the drive thru safari.

  3. This company only cares about the bottom dollar…I can’t even get a refund on my season passes that I have yet to even pick up.. Americans are hurting..we don’t necessarily care about your park ATM vs taking care of our family and you can’t refund us our money? Ridiculous