Sunset Walk Slingshot attraction to open by Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving, you’ll be able to experience thrills at new heights, as the Sunset Walk Slingshot is on schedule to open before the holiday season arrives.

sunset walk slingshot

Located at Promenade – Sunset Walk Orlando, the Sunset Walk Slingshot will stand at 240 feet tall and launch two riders up to 400 feet in the air, reaching speeds of up to 100 miles per hour in under two seconds.

Approaching the attraction, guests will find themselves surrounded by a tropical vibe as they walk through tiki huts surrounding the attraction. Once inside their gondola, they will be lowered deep into a “volcano” and feel the rumble of an eruption about to occur. Smoke will billow as the gondola shoots up into the sky with guests in tow.

“We’re extremely excited to open Sunset Walk Slingshot just in time for the start of a busy holiday season,” said Ritchie Armstrong, owner. “Guests are going to love this thrilling, new addition to Sunset Walk.”

Just down I-4, The Slingshot Group of Companies is also opening two world record-setting attractions at Icon Park in Orlando. The Orlando Slingshot will stand at 300 feet, while the Orlando Free Fall will stand at 430 feet, making them two of the tallest attractions in the world. Both are scheduled to open in December of this year.

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