Vegan Patty “Impossible Burger” now at The Edison in Disney Springs

The Edison has become a fan favorite at Disney Springs with its Flapper Girls, Steam-Punk style, and nighttime club offering. Now The Edison is branching out in it culinary offerings for an “impossible” take on a bar food favorite.

The Impossible Burger is the Edison’s take on a vegan patty burger, that fulfills the meat lovers taste buds. The burger is nut and dairy free, and is topped with tempura fried avocados, mushrooms, local sweet and spicy pickles, and harissa cocktail sauce. The burger is made with the molecule heme, a molecule found in all living things that gives it that unmistakable meaty flavor.

It really is hard to distinguish it from a real beef patty. Coming from a real meat lover myself, this burger felt authentic. The distinct flavors of the toppings, combined with the patty’s meaty look and smell sold the disguise. The Impossible Burger matches the levels of protein and iron found in beef. It has about the same calories, less total fat and is completely cholesterol-free.

While I was out trying the Impossible Burger numerous other food and drink options were offered. Like the Lollipop Tree, the Electi-Fries, and the Electric Mule.

The Lollipop Tree contains tons of Cheesecake pops, assorted in a fun fashion, along with a side of bubble gum whipped cream.

The Electro Fries are hand-cut potato fries with Edison special sauce, bacon, crumbled blue cheese and chopped green onion.

The Electric Mule contains Absolut elix vodka, lemon, strawberry and lemongrass cordial, and Q ginger beer.

The Edison is in the Landing Area of Disney Springs, and does take reservations. The Impossible Burger is currently in a limited offering phase, and is available lunch and dinner.

The Edison restaurant tour at Disney Springs

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  1. You make it sound like they invented impossible burger. All they do is sell it. Impossible burger is the name no matter where you get it from.