Tim Burton brings unique vision to The Neon Museum in Las Vegas

The Neon Museum in Las Vegas has transformed into a fantastical macabre wonderland with “Lost Vegas: Tim Burton at The Neon Museum.”

tim burton
Photos by Krystal Lawrence

This exhibition includes sculptural and digital installations that celebrate Burton’s ties to Las Vegas and its neon heritage. The works, many of which are site-specific creations, are displayed in the Neon Boneyard and incorporated into “Brilliant!,” the museum’s permanent projection mapping North Gallery installation.

tim burton

Some of the works have a little fun with the museum’s landmark sign collection, which was actually featured in Burton’s 1996 film, “Mars Attacks!” The entire exhibition features both new work and previously exhibited pieces by Burton.

tim burton

The exhibition runs now through Feb. 15, 2020, and tickets are on sale now through Nov. 30, 2019. December tickets will be available in early November, January tickets in early December, and February tickets will be available in early January.

tim burton

To learn more about the new Tim Burton exhibit, and to purchase tickets, visit NeonMuseum.org.


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