Tokyo Disney 40th anniversary kicks off in April

Tokyo Disney Resort will celebrate its 40th anniversary Apr. 15, 2023 – Mar. 31, 2024, with all the trimmings of a Disney birthday, from new entertainment to new merchandise — and lots of Duffy.

World Bazaar at Tokyo Disneyland with 40th anniversary Dream Garland
Images courtesy of Disney.

Kicking off 40 years to the day since the resort first opened its gates on Apr. 15, 1983, the Tokyo Disney 40th anniversary is officially called “Dream-Go-Round.” To welcome guests to the celebration, festive birthday décor, dubbed “Dream Garland,” will adorn both parks’ entrances.

Tokyo DisneySea with 40th anniversary Dream Garland

Tokyo Disney 40th Anniversary Entertainment

As part of the celebration, Tokyo Disneyland will premiere a new parade, “Disney Harmony In Color,” a procession that will spotlight “themes of adventure, courage, family bonds, and friendship.”

“Disney Harmony In Color” also features a few characters making their Tokyo debut, including Vanellope von Schweetz and Ralph from “Wreck-It Ralph.” Additionally, Wasabi, Fred, Honey Lemon, and Go Go will join Baymax and Hiro for the first time in Tokyo to complete the “Big Hero 6” ensemble. The parade’s concept art also shows characters from “Coco,” “Toy Story,” “Moana,” “Up,” and “Zootopia.”

Harmony in Color

Additional 40th-anniversary entertainment includes:

  • The “Club Mickey Mouse Beat” show at Showbase in Tomorrowland will receive a 40th anniversary makeover with updates that include new outfits for Mickey and pals and the resort’s 40th anniversary song.
  • Tokyo DisneySea will introduce a new Harbor Greeting, “Let’s Celebrate With Colors” starring Mickey, Duffy, ShellieMae, and other characters.
  • Both parks will premiere “Sky Full of Colors,” a new spectacle which Disney says “will light up the sky … to the 40th anniversary theme song and fan-favorite Disney songs.”

Anniversary Eats

What’s a party without great food? Disney promises Duffy-inspired treats are on the menu resort-wide. Guests can also anticipate a 40th anniversary ice cream cone and an item based on Tokyo DisneySea’s “Aquatopia” attraction.

Tokyo Disney 40th anniversary food

Anniversary Merch

An extensive collection of new merchandise will help guests mark the occasion with souvenirs. These include items inspired by the “Dream Garland” decor that will adorn both parks during the celebration.

Tokyo Disney 40th anniversary Dream Garland merchandise

Click here for more information about visiting Tokyo Disney Resort, and check out our video of The Happy Ride With Baymax below:

The Happy Ride with Baymax Ride-through at Tokyo Disneyland

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