You can buy screen accurate cosplay armor for less than $1,000

Cosplay isn’t new, but in recent years it has surged in popularity. For pop culture lovers, Joe Toys has taken custom cosplay to another level. Fans of Marvel, DC, Star Wars, and more can get incredibly detailed armored costumes built to their exact size.


Joe Toys works with real steel, lights and mechanics – this armor is not your average Halloween costume. While some of these cosplays can cost upwards of $5,500, others are less expensive than you think.

In fact, the advanced helmet is only $300 and features real metal, LED lighting, voice control and working mechanics. For that price, this offer is hard to beat.

Demonstration: Spiderman Mask With Mechanical lenses

Spider-Man fans can also have a working mask for $300. Thanks to Spider-Man’s frequency to just wear his mask in sticky situations, a full cosplay could be completed with everyday clothes and this item.


UPDATE Thur. December 22, 2022: Star Wars armor is no longer sold on this site.

Star Wars fans can also pickup some Stormtrooper armor for under $700.


Of course, not everyone is about to spend $300+ on a custom costume. But for those die-hard fans, Joe Toys offers some seriously cool items.


While not currently listed, Joe Toys did tell us that he is currently working on armor based on “The Mandalorian” series on Disney+.

Are you a die-hard fan who needs new cosplay like this? Let us know which you would buy in the comments below.


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