A Haunted Hotel ride is coming in 2023 to Funtown Splashtown in Saco, Maine

It was announced this week at the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions Expo (IAAPA), that a Haunted Hotel ride will be making its debut in 2023 at Funtown Splashtown USA (Funtown).

funtown splashtown haunted house
Photos courtesy of Funtown

By Lauren Freeman, Esq.

Funtown is an amusement & water park that started as a drive-in food stand called Marvel Drive-In in 1960, and the park is family owned and operated to this day. Their unofficial motto—which is the owner, Violet Cormier’s, rallying cry — is “Treat each day like it’s a party.”

According to William Cormier, Senior Vice President of Funtown, many Funtown guests have shown an interest in a Haunted House. This led to Funtown teaming up with Sally Dark Rides to create the Whispering Pines Hotel, an interactive haunted attraction. Sally Dark Rides has been around since 1977, and have worked on dark rides around the world.  

The Ride

funtown splashtown haunted house witch

A witch has put a spell on the Whispering Pines Hotel, and riders aren’t just there to observe. This ride is not just a ride-thru attraction, but also an interactive one. While boarding the four-passenger ride vehicle, each rider is asked to work alongside a professional ghost hunter, and they’re given an interactive “curse eradicator.”  As the ride vehicle moves through the haunted hotel, they’re taken into 14 different rooms, all while being able to use their curse eradicators in an attempt to free the hotel of the witch’s spell. The last room will require riders to work together in what appears to be another dimension, in order to fight the evil witch and save the hotel guests she has cursed.

“Blending a magical, spooky theme with our company’s interactive technology and unmatched theming allows us to deliver a one-of-a-kind experience that is both cursed and family-friendly,” said Chairman and CEO of Sally Dark Rides John Wood. “This classic family ride, complete with black-light style décor and theming, is found in theme parks all over the world and is a proven favorite with families due to its ageless appeal and repeatability. For this special attraction, we have created an original storyline that will only be found at Funtown.”

Funtown Splashtown USA

Funtown Splashtown USA is open from May-August in Saco, Maine. Check their website for available attractions, and hours on Funtownsplashtownusa.com.


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