A look at the new Manta coaster running the track


Here are some pictures of SeaWorld’s new coaster, Manta, running on the track. They were doing some testing without passengers as they ran two separate sets of “Mantas” around the twisty track. In the above photo the guests heads will be toward the big manta and they’d be facing out.


Some of the construction walls have been taken down, giving guests a closer look at the new attraction. You can see some new grassy areas and walk down a few new walkways and boardwalks.


Here you can see how it twists around the track. It didn’t seem to be going very fast. It looked like a very smooth fun ride.


Here’s a couple of comparison pictures. The above photo was taken last November and the below shot was taken yesterday along with the rest of these. Even though it looks ready to go, they still have a bit to do. The ride is scheduled to open May 22.


Manta Soars on Test Flights at SeaWorld Orlando

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