A peek inside the newly updated Test Track attraction at Epcot

We recently received some photos of the inside of the re-imagined Test Track attraction at Epcot from an anonymous source. Unscheduled cast member previews have been taking place, but no soft openings have happened yet. But from what we’ve seen and heard about the updated ride, it sounds like a winner.

The new Epcot park maps already have a description for the ride:

Buckle up for a thrill, now designed by YOU! Feel like you’re part of a design studio as you create your own virtual custom concept vehicle and then put your design through its paces on the exhilarating hills, hairpin turns and straight-aways of the Test Track circuit.

The updated Test Track opens on Dec. 6, 2012 along with the New Fantasyland at Magic Kingdom and The Legend of Captain Jack Sparrow attraction at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. All of these new attractions have had soft openings so far except Test Track. Could this be the first attraction in a long time to stay closed to the public until opening day?

UPDATE: A short video clip of the former barrier test area of Test Track has been posted online. Here you can see the ride is radically different:

Test Track Version 2 - Final Test Clip

Stay tuned to our Twitter and Facebook accounts for more information and enjoy these peeks into the pre and post ride areas of Test Track.


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  1. Omg cars land is awesome – u race against another car – rumor has it if you load on the left side u always win- just so u know I am not a teenager over 50 and loved it!!!

  2. I’m going to EPCOT tonight before I head over to Universal. I’m hoping that they’ll be doing soft openings. I am so excited for this ride.

  3. meh. Does not look like a new ride, just a new ish pre show, and at that, looks like a rip off Of he make-your -own-coaster that is already at Disney quest.