American Dream debuts new Angry Birds Not So Mini Golf Club

On Oct. 1, the brand-new Angry Birds Not So Mini Golf Club will debut to the public at New Jersey’s American Dream. The 18-hole course features detailed sets from Angry Birds’ Bird Island and Avian Academy. Guests’ mission is to save Bird Island and Pig Island on their journey.

angry birds american dream
Photos courtesy of American Dream

The mini golf course features six themed groups of three holes. Along the way, guests will notice some details from the Angry Birds franchise such as:

  • A 67-foot-tall Bird Aviation plane
  • Pig Island
  • Pig Lab and Submarine
  • A 20-foot-tall model of Bird Island
  • Eagle Island
  • Avian Academy
  • Characters like Red, Chuck and Bomb
  • Detailed backdrops

“Nothing excites us more at American Dream than being able to offer our guests completely new and fresh experiences,” said Mark Ghermezian, co-CEO at American Dream. “Angry Birds Not So Mini Golf Club is the perfect addition to our one-of-a-kind destination, allowing our guests to ‘fly’ into the world of Angry Birds, an experience they won’t find anywhere else.”

american dream

Exclusive Angry Birds merchandise, like themed golf balls and apparel, will be available to purchase in the gift shop. Themed private party rooms will soon be available to rent.

american dream

“When it comes to the scale of this course, there’s certainly nothing mini about it,” said CMO at Rovio Entertainment, Ville Heijari. “We’re delighted at the level of detail invested in bringing the world of our avian (and piggy) friends to life, and can’t wait to hear what our fans think of the experience.”

Tickets are available to purchase online for $20 per person. For more information about Angry Birds Not So Mini Golf Club, visit


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