Apricot Lane boutique now open at Downtown Disney

Husbands, hold on to your wallets the next time you’re strolling through Pleasure Island at Downtown Disney. A new ladies boutique opened their doors today. But at least they have a couple of comfortable chairs for the guys to relax in.

Apricot Lane carries branded fashion apparel, jewelry, handbags and accessories. Brands carried include Miss Me, Free People, Vintage Havana, Chaser and Good Works Make a Difference.

“Many of the designer labels found in Apricot Lane are worn by celebrities and seen in the pages of current fashion magazines,” said Founder and CEO Ken Petersen. “We are excited to give the millions of guests visiting Walt Disney World Resort a place where they can replicate those looks.”

During this grand opening weekend, guests will receive 20% off one item in the store and a free gift with each purchase over $75 (while supplies last). An Apricot Lane store also recently opened at Downtown Disney in the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, Calif.

“We’re pleased to add Apricot Lane to our assortment of unique offerings at Downtown Disney,” said Keith Bradford, vice president of Downtown Disney. “This boutique is another example of our commitment to bring new and compelling experiences to life at Downtown Disney and I’m confident that it will soon become a guest favorite.”

Apricot Lane is part of the popular Country Visions, Inc. franchise, and specializes in unique, one-of-a-kind items and brand names known for their quality and fashionable style trends. For more information visit www.apricotlaneusa.com. Fashions and accessories available for photo shoots and style sections upon request.

• Look for a tour of the store in Episode 37 of Orlando Attractions Magazine – The Show.


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  1. Our first day in Downtown Disney’s Pleasure Island was a huge success! All of the cast members of Apricot Lane are looking forward to providing continued unique assortments to the Disney Experience!

  2. Can’t wait to check this place out, where’s the show this week guys? Can’t use the link to episode 37, I need my show fix 😉

  3. Wow…it seems like they put everything into the downtown disney in orlando, then the one they have anaheim. We were at the one at anaheim and I couldn’t get a friend who is in a wheelchair barely thru the store. It was way to cramped the layout is horrible even for women that have strollers. Boo for this!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Ok…first of all, I am a disney pass holder at disneyland in Anaheim. I was with my family and I take my wife, son and friends there frequently. We heard about the new boutique opening…so we went to check it out. Well it was one of the most appaling experience we (including my 11 yr son) ever had. A tall redheaded woman was yelling at a sales person right on the sale floor. I immediately had a friend take my son out of the store….and this continued for a good 5 minutes. I wanted to say something, it was hostile, embarassing, most uncomfortable and awkward. I cannot believe disney would allow this, I placed a formal complaint. After that woman was done being EXTREMELY UNPROFESSIONAL AND HOSTILE, I asked the sales girl for a number for the HR dept. THEY DON’T HAVE ONE!! All she could tell me was I could contact via email the headquarters in Dallas. So I did, that was 2 weeks ago and I have heard nothing back from corporate or the CEO of the Apricot Lane franchise. Bad business!! We bought nothing, you can hardly move thru the store to much of to much. It is like a Tilly’s and Forever 21 only priced high. There was a dress my wife really liked, we just got the label name and will get it online. I would have gladly given them the business, however we will never go in there again. LOST SALES!!

  5. Don’t listen to any of these complainers, their the competition trying to prevent the gigantic success of the awesome success the store will have! Best wishes Apricot Lane, your success will huge!

  6. As a mom, business professional and personal stylist, I entered the boutique and found it to be quite lovely. The staff was courteous and on their toes. The store manager was very knowledgeable as well. I left with several items for me and my daughter. The novelty of the store alone was worth the time. I thought it was such a positive shopping experience I wanted to learn more about the company and any future business opportunities. Nice job ladies!

  7. I’d never judge a new store on something that happened in another hundreds of miles away, that’s like saying don’t go to wallmart their store in Texas had sour milk, lol, I sympathise with anyone who’s had bad customer service, and understand the frustration, but it’s usually isolated, not really cool to try to sabotage the reputation of a new store who haven’t had their chance to prove themselves yet, I wish the management and staff the best of luck and hopefully might find myself something fab to wear when I visit in oct.

  8. I have been trying to call the Orlando phone (407)329-4815 but no one answers, I’m supposed to get a credit back of $166.14 2 days ago but have yet to see it posted on my account.
    My reference invoice # is 20121231132817.
    Please reply to my email or call me at (832)477-6150 to let me know when this credit will be deposited.