Aquatica now offering low cost swimming lessons

How many people can say that they learned to swim at Aquatica in Orlando? Now offering lessons for every skill level, there’s no better place to learn than at SeaWorld’s one-of-a-kind water park!

Aquatica’s “Learn to Swim” lessons are 45 minutes long and are taught by American Red Cross certified instructors. Unintentional drowning is the leading cause of death in children ages 1-4 in the state of Florida, but with classes to accommodate varying levels of swim experience, your children can easily build confidence in the water. Little swimmers will be able to learn basic aquatic skills like blowing bubbles and treading water, while advanced classes focus on specific skills such as arm strokes and leg kicks, as well as some emergency assist techniques.

Their week-long classes are only $49.99 for each student or $44.99 for Pass Members. Admission is not required, but enrollment is limited to six students per class, so be sure to sign up early. Click here to learn more information and to book your spot! Inclement weather may impact swim lessons. Make-up classes may be scheduled if classes are cancelled due to weather.


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  1. Hi, My name is Quy my family is Aquatica anual pass holder. I want to know if you have any swimming lesson for my daughter who is 3 year old now . Please send me all information about swimming lessons with any details
    I will really appreciate your help
    Thank you