AromaPrime helps make your home smell like a theme park

Thanks to the coronovirus lockdown, theme park fans are currently cooped up far away from the sights, sounds, tastes, and thrills from their favorite attractions. However, they can still enjoy one of the five senses, now that AromaPrime is delivering some of the same themed scents they’ve created for top theme parks directly to your home through their new “Theme Park Fan Collection” of authentic attraction aromas.

Fill your home with authentic attraction odors with AromaPrime’s Theme Park Fan Collection of artificial scents.

AromaPrime, a UK-based company, creates themed smells for attractions around the world, including Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, The Dungeons, Sea Life, Escape Hunt and the Natural History Museum. For quarantined fans who have fully committed to the viral #HomemadeThemePark social media craze, Aroma Prime has launched its Theme Park Fan Collection in collaboration with Thorpe Park, making real park scents available to fans.

The available scents include smells from the pungent Fright Nights events, including Creek Freak Massacre, Platform 15, Containment and the Fright Nights Cinema. In addition, AromaPrime offers original smells from some closed attractions from Camelot Theme Park and Pleasure Island.

Some fans who have tried out AromaPrime’s product have tweeted about their experiences:

For more information about AromaPrime visit, and watch this video of a Thorpe Park haunted attraction:

The Walking Dead: The Ride opens at Thorpe Park Resort

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