Artist creates Disney and pop culture patch tattoos

There are so many tattoo options and tattoo artists in the world. What can can be done to make them unique? Duda Lozano from Brazil has made his own niche market with tattoos resembling patches, AKA patch tattoos. Artwork on the skin that looks like it was recently sewn or ironed on.

Disney characters and major icons from others fandoms are most commonly used. It comes down to the person getting the tattoo and the artist to put their own spin on the design.

Lozano combined his love of these characters with the love of patches to create an eye-popping way to “slap something” onto your skin.

His work goes beyond patches, and patrons can use his skills to amplify an already existing tattoo.

From Disney to Game of Thrones, Nintendo to Jurassic Park, Lozano has made a name for himself in São Paulo, Brazil. If you want to see even more of his work, head to

Which tattoo design would look best in a patch style? Let us know in the comments below.


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