Introducing Attractions Kids, our new kid-centric YouTube channel

We’ve launched a brand-new YouTube channel here at Attractions Magazine: Attractions Kids!

attractions kids
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This channel is primarily focused on activities and experiences in and around the theme parks that young kids can enjoy. The videos on this channel will not only inform parents of services and activities for their children at the parks, but also entertain the little eyes watching and offer them safe and fun entertainment online.

We created this as a separate entity from our main channel to provide families access to our “Kids”-branded content without viewers having to search to find it or come across our more adult Halloween content. On Attractions Kids, you’ll find both produced and more casual content, like tours of Baby Care Centers in the parks, character meet-and-greets, product unboxings and more.

You can check out our current lineup of videos now, including our Haunted Mansion Baby Clothes Unboxing and Review, an overview of Tike’s Peak at Disney’s Blizzard Beach, a look at the “Ralph Breaks the Internet” playground at Epcot, and digging for dinosaurs at The Boneyard Playground in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

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