Attractions – The Show – April 11, 2013 – Kingdom Keepers Interview, Theme Park Factory Tours, Plus More

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Hosts Banks Lee and JeniLynn Knopp bring you this week’s theme park and attraction news. On this week’s episode:

News In The Queue: Finding Dory announced; Fantasy of Flight expansion; Viva La Musica starts; Legoland Hotel opens in California;
Hidden Mickey of the Week: Rock ‘n’ Roller Coaster
• TPR Tour of theme park design company Sally Corporation and Bob’s Space Racers
• Part one of an interview with Ridley Pearson, author of the Disney Kingdom Keepers books
Travel Tip: Use your smart phone map
• This weekend’s theme park concerts
Giveaway for a Celebration Pie Festival buffet.
• Shout-Outs
Don’t miss the Bloopers!

Attractions - The Show - April 11, 2013 - Kingdom Keepers Interview, Attractions Factory Tours, More

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  1. Great show! How can I be a part of it? I’m a professional actor/broadcaster who has annually visited the Orlando area and all attractions over the past 20 years.

  2. Loving the show these days BUT why bring in the Mr Pearson interview?

    Get back to the parks and interview the visitors, Just my view.

  3. I kind of agree with billienomates1. As a former Disney cast member, I have been a long-time viewer of The Show and also subscriber to your magazine. While the magazine is great (save for some typos I find but I am a writer / editor by trade and can’t help myself…lol), The Show just seems to be lacking in polish and substance lately.

    I remember back when, for example, Greg Hutson and Jessica Steele hosted and the production just seemed so much sharper, more professional, and focused on relevant theme park / Orlando area news w/out including their lengthy opinions of things. Banks and JL are cute together but I don’t know…just too much empty banter between them at the beginning (e.g. the April Fool’s “joke” was an unnecessary time killer) when you could just be jumping right in. Also, way-too-long segments that just seem like fillers (e.g. recent factory tour and Pearson’s interview – two parts!?!) and camera work when panning often goes too too fast – dizzying almost and you can’t see anything! Sometimes I wish their wardrobe choices were more polished / professional / complementary of each others’ like dual hosts’ wardrobes should be as well.

    IDK, I’m sure others will disagree with me but I just feel like The Show has strayed from what it used to be, and not for the better.

    JMHO here… but don’t worry I’m not going to stop subscribing or stop watching anytime soon. Still want to support you! 🙂

    1. Thanks for your opinions Amy. We welcome them all, good and bad.
      I agree, the show isn’t the same as when Greg and Jessica were hosts. But that’s by our design. Our hosts now, as you’ve noticed, give their opinions on the news items. We decided to go with a more personal, relaxed, talk show-type format. While some, such as yourself, don’t prefer it, most do from what we’ve heard.
      You’re right about some of the segments running longer than others, sometimes too long. Some of it is “filler” news when there’s just nothing else to report on. We often look back ourselves and comment that a segment ran too long or got a little boring, and we try to improve based upon that. You’re right, the Kingdom Keepers interview probably should have just been one edited down segment.
      Thanks for your comments and thanks for sticking with us as we work to make the show better and better each week.

  4. Amy: Just have to say that I understand where you are coming from. I am also a huge fan — subscriber to the mag & I’ve been watching the show since day 1. I miss the old hosts so much, especially my favorite which was Audrey Brown. I also enjoyed Ali & Heather (Greg & Jessica were also great!), just that whole cast from that time is very much missed in my household. We still watch the show religiously every week for the news, current updates, etc., but I do have to say that I am not a very big fan of JL & Banks. They both need acting lessons (Banks WAY more so then JL) but there is a definite lack of chemistry between them and after a host as funny and entertaining as Audrey Brown, I find that a lot of the new hosts jokes often fall flat.
    I, on the other hand, loved the idea of this week’s interview with Ridley Pearson since my kids are hardcore fans of his, however, the interview should have been conducted by an adult. Not Quinn who could not keep up with the quips made so often by Ridley. He was too young and had no idea what to do and how to react!
    Well, the bottom line is I will also not stop watching or reading either but I sure do wish they would change up the hosts on the weekly show. They seriously need to add some new (and *REAL*-LOL!) talent to keep us long-timers coming back for more!!

    1. I’m sorry to hear you feel that way Ramona. We also love all our old hosts but unfortunately, they’ve become too busy in their careers to be able to help out with our show much. But we also love Banks and JeniLynn and feel they have great chemistry. We try to keep the show fun and funny but the jokes don’t always work. As for the Ridely Pearson interview, we feel Quinn did a great job. Ridley is quite a character and we’re not sure even an adult would know how to react to him. We chose Quinn to do the interview since he’s a fan and has read all the Kingdom Keepers books.
      Thanks for your comments. We do continue to try to improve The Show and we did all sit down and discuss the criticism we’ve received.