Fun Spot America expansion update – Opening June 8, 2013

Fun Spot America 03-21-13 03

Fun Spot America is currently in the midst of constructing a new food court area, two roller coasters and a Skycoaster, all set to open in time for their 15th anniversary on June 8, 2013. Along with the construction projects, they recently added a new roller coaster for children in the Kid Spot.

IMG_0633 Pictured above is the 1,200+ foot Vekoma suspended family coaster.

IMG_0635 The most progress is seen here on the new wooden roller coaster titled ‘White Lightning’.

IMG_0643 Even the nearby road was recently renamed ‘Fun Spot Way’.

Fun Spot America 03-21-13 01 In the aerial above, look for the Green Commander in the top right corner followed by world’s biggest SkyCoaster at over 250 feet in the middle and the two new coasters featured in the bottom left corner. The new parking lot and street pavers are almost complete and the interior of the buildings are being worked on.

Watch as Orlando Attractions Magazine- The Show host, Banks Lee, takes a hardhat tour of the construction site:

Attractions - The Show - March 7, 2013 - New Haunted Mansion & Oz items, plus Fun Spot construction

Remember, everything mentioned above is set to be open for Fun Spot America’s 15th anniversary celebration on June 8, 2013. The celebration will feature specials, entertainment and local celebrities starting at 10 a.m. that morning. Stay tuned for more details about the opening of all these new additions.

Photos by Banks Lee and Fun Spot.


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