Book Cameo-style ‘CelebrityGramz’ from professional celebrity impersonators

Since the start of the ongoing global health situation, live entertainment has transitioned to existing online. In an effort to provide entertainers with work and offer entertainment for the masses, Greg M. Thompson, producer of the Sunburst Convention and Showcase of Celebrity Impersonators in Orlando, Fla., has created “CelebrityGramz.”


Like Cameo for impersonators, this service offers fans the chance to receive a personalized greeting from the biggest “stars” of past and present in movies, music, TV, comedy, and more. Personalized greetings and “live” video calls with celebrity impersonators are available, including the likenesses of Cher, Dolly Parton, Marilyn Monroe, Jack Nicholson, Elvis, Michael Jackson, and more.

“Coronavirus has devastated our entertainment community,” said Thompson. “We’re thrilled to introduce the one-of-a-kind CelebrityGramz service, which provides these highly-talented entertainers with work and memorable entertainment for the masses. Nowhere else can you receive personalized, fun and hilarious messages from top-notch talent impersonating the most iconic names in TV, movies, music, comedy and even politics, from the present to the past in one place. Whether it is for a special occasion or no occasion, we hope everyone gets in on the fun with a personalized CelebrityGramz.”

To book, simply visit, complete an order form for a two-minute recorded live message or live video call for up to four minutes, choose your celebrity impersonator, and within 24 hours, customers will receive a video link or be set up for the live chat.


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