Brendan Fraser Makes Appearance, Takes Questions at Universal Studios Orlando

Movie star Brendan Fraser made a public appearance in front of The Revenge of The Mummy attraction at Universal Studios Orlando on July 11, 2008 to help promote the new third installment of The Mummy series of movies entitled, The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emporer.  

To find out what happened during his appearance, read the description, accompanied by photos, or watch/download a complete video of the event below.

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Description and Photos
Hundreds of fans packed together, in front of the attraction hours before Fraser’s scheduled 2pm appearance, enduring the blistering Florida heat reminiscent of the deserts seen in the Mummy movies. For an hour before the event, the crowd was entertained by free t-shirts, hats, and even DVDs being tossed to them and several silt-walking Egyptian Magi towering overhead.

Fraser finally emerged down a red carpet, greeted a few fans, and hopped on stage.

Fraser talked up his new Mummy movie for a few minutes and then left the stage to show a never-before-seen clip to the crowd.

Afterward, he returned to the stage to answer a few questions from the crowd.

Finally, Fraser selected and announced the winner of a special Mummy prize package that included a trip to the Hollywood premiere of the film and to the Universal Studios Hollywood theme park. The lucky winner was a man by the name of Thomas Fort.

After the event concluded, Brendan Fraser met with Universal Studios Annual Passholders for a second question and answer session.

For more photos from the event, visit our Photo Gallery.


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  1. In person he looked great actually. I was surprised by just how good he looked. Poor guy’s probably tired though from all the press and running around he’s been doing, because he did look a bit tired.

  2. Hmmm well I know there were some radio contest winners that were supposed to get to ride the Mummy with him, so I’m assuming he did, but I never heard anything about it so I’m not sure.