‘Bright Young Things’ immersive theatrical experience coming to Downtown Orlando

by Attractions Magazine Staff

“Bright Young Things,” an immersive, site-specific theatrical adventure from Creative City Project, is coming to Downtown Orlando for a limited run that begins on Oct. 2.

bright young things

Named after a notorious group of Bohemians in London in the 1920s, “Bright Young Things” offers audiences a unique experience as the follow one of four duos into another universe: a modern society where the Prohibition Act had never been repealed.

Guests will meet one of the following duos in a secret location in Downtown Orlando as they experience the characters’ unique storylines:

  • The Entertainers – A renowned songstress and her husband. Famously nicknamed the “Queen of the Night,” she is the headliner for an underground nightclub where liquor is served. He runs the business and (mostly) keeps her out of trouble.
  • The Smugglers – Two smugglers are hired by an underground organization to run alcohol between suppliers and illegal venues while avoiding The Agents.
  • The Lovers – Two lovers are forced apart by forces beyond their control. Using dance as a storytelling device, they attempt to reunite.
  • The Agents – The Agents are tasked to keep law and order in the city, while tracking The Smugglers and their associates.

There will be safety precautions in place for guests wishing to participate in this theatrical experience, including:

  • A limited number of tickets will be sold in advance for each show.
  • The entire show will take place outdoors and in well-ventilated spaces.
  • Audience members will be asked to distance from actors and other groups for the whole of the night.
  • Audience members will wear masks for the duration of the adventure.
  • The show will be created and staged with the safety of all performers as a top priority.

The 70-minute show takes place throughout Downtown Orlando. Audience members will be asked to walk up to a mile over the course of the adventure. While some of the storylines are more fast-paced than others, all of them will require guests to traverse stairs and alleyways that may be in disrepair, so be sure you’re prepared for that if you decide to attend a performance.

Bright Young Things – An immersive, site-specific adventure throughout Downtown Orlando

Tickets are on sale now, and you can get yours here.

Disclaimer: We do not endorse the organizers of any events we write about. Proceed with caution. Even with the best of intentions, many announced events end up not happening. Be sure to check the return policy and the legitimacy of the organizers before giving them any financial information. Buyer beware.


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