Bring the horror home with official Halloween Horror Nights VR experiences

Halloween enthusiasts, horror aficionados, and thrill-seekers alike, get ready for a spine-tingling double dose of fear and excitement with two hair-raising Halloween Horror Nights VR experiences you can enjoy right at home.

Halloween Horror Nights VR Experiences

Whether you prefer the immersive chills of a virtual haunted house or the adrenaline rush of PvP monster battles, these Halloween Horror Nights VR experiences offer something for everyone to enjoy.

Halloween Horror Nights VR Experiences

First, prepare to step into a realm of pure terror like never before with the “Halloween Horror Nights: VR Experience.” Universal invites you to embark on a journey into a world of horror. Watch out for killer crows lurking at every corner as heart-pounding terror awaits in this 360-degree virtual reality haunted house.

Poster from Meta Launch Event for HHN VR Experiences.
Image Credit: Meta.

As you navigate through the nightmarish corridors, you’ll be met with horrifying sights and sounds. The VR technology immerses you in the chilling atmosphere of Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights — ensuring all senses are engaged in this frightening event.

Picking up keys to escape from the Halloween Horror Nights VR experience.

HHN as a VR Experience: Does It Live Up to The Hype?

My daughter is a huge fan of Halloween Horror Nights and gaming, so I thought this would be the perfect game for her. Unfortunately, she said it wasn’t nearly as exciting as walking through the houses in real life as the Halloween Horror Nights VR experience is more like a game than a “walk-through.”

Screenshot from HHN VR Experiences.

She also felt the directions were unclear as to how to “escape” the house and did not find it nearly as scary as the in-person experience.

Scoreboard and starting point of Halloween Horror Nights VR experiences

“Halloween Horror Nights: VR Experience” is available now through Oct. 31, 2023, by way of Meta Horizon Worlds on the Meta Quest VR headset.

Universal Monsters Arena

If PvP (player-versus-player) battles and classic movie monsters are more your style, “Universal Monsters Arena” on Meta Quest is just for you. The gripping game that puts you in the shoes of iconic movie monsters will launch on Oct. 20 and end on Oct. 31, 2023.

Universal is launching Monsters Arena on Meta Horizon Worlds October 20.
Image Credit: Meta.

In “Universal Monsters Arena,” you can choose to become one of six legendary creatures, including Dracula, The Wolf Man, and The Bride of Frankenstein. Each monster offers unique skills and abilities, so whether you prefer to stalk your enemies as a vampire or unleash your inner beast as a lycanthrope, this game allows you to immerse yourself in the world of classic horror cinema.

Team Up to Become The Ultimate Monster Squad

What sets “Universal Monsters Arena” apart is the opportunity to assemble your squad against other players in PvP battles. Team up with your friends and coordinate your strategies to reign supreme in the arena. With bragging rights and in-game rewards on the line, the competition promises to be fierce.

Halloween Horror Night

To celebrate the launch of this monstrous multiplayer experience, Universal Studios and NBCUniversal are hosting a launch event. It’s your chance to invite your squad to join you for a weekend filled with epic battles and monster mayhem.

Meet Dr. Oddfellow in a 360° Experience

Rounding out our virtual experiences is a recently released video from Universal Orlando in which Halloween Horror Nights icon Dr. Oddfellow received the 360° treatment on YouTube. In this video, viewers are given a guided tour by Dr. Oddfellow where you can see parts of a haunted house, but not the entire house (as Dr. Oddfellow says that would “ruin the fun”).

The appeal of this video includes functions in the upper left corner that allow viewers to “look” around, depending on which arrow you click. It’s a unique way to view the video, especially if you want to re-live your HHN experience (or check it out before you go).

Meet Dr. Oddfellow 360° Experience – Halloween Horror Nights Orlando

Whichever of these Halloween Horror Nights VR experiences you choose, you can be confident that extra creeps and chills are just a click away.


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