Bruce from ‘Jaws’ finds new home at Academy Museum of Motion Pictures

To celebrate the 44th anniversary of the iconic film, “Jaws” (1975), the future Academy Museum of Motion Pictures has shared some updates on the restoration of the last remaining life-size model of the famous man-eating shark.

academy museum of motion pictures
Photos by Greg Nicotero

Nicknamed “Bruce” by director Stephen Spielberg, this model has been under the care of special effects legend Greg Nicotero, his studio KNB EFX, and the Academy Museum conservation team, who are all working together to restore it. 

academy museum of motion pictures

All of the actual screen-used shark props were either degraded during production or lost to time, but this version of Bruce is a 25-foot-long model made from the same mold that created the sharks onscreen. It was previously on display at Universal Studios for about 15-20 years before spending an extended stint in a Simi Valley junkyard, where the team was able to recover it.

Nicotero and his fellow conservators are working to repair the years of sun damage on the shark, as well as do some cosmetic refurbishment – not to mention restoring Bruce’s pearly whites.

academy museum of motion pictures

Once the museum, guests will once again be able to see and pose for photos with this famous creature of the deep.

The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures is currently under construction in Los Angeles, Calif., and is scheduled to open sometime in 2020. To learn more, visit


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  1. This is awesome, I love this movie and I have literally watched it 100 times the very least. I was just wondering where junkyard in Simi Valley really is, God knows if the are keeping other treasures.