Celebrity and other fun photos from the FX Show


Here are a few of the more interesting photos I took yesterday at the FX! International Show at the Orange County Convention Center. Today, April 19, 2009, is the last day for the show this year.

Above is one of the many artist decorated vinyl Stitchs that were on display. They’re part of the Stitch Experiment 626 Project. Smaller versions of some of them were available for purchase. Check out our full FX photo gallery for more custom painted Stitchs.

I guess this Barbie is MIB – Mint In Box. Many guests came to the show in costumes, but not as many as at the MegaCon show earlier this year.

I’m not sure what the story is behind this figure or what his name is but I call him Mario Mouse.

The biggest star at the show was Leonard Nemoy from Star Trek.

James Marsters from Buffy The Vampire Slayer also had a long line to meet him.

James Kyson Lee from Heroes.

Sitting next to Leonard Nemoy was another Star Trek alumn, Jonathan Frakes.

You may not recognize him as an adult, it’s Scott Schwartz from A Christmas Story. You know, the kid who gets his tongue frozen on a flag pole.

• For more pictures from the show, including more celebrities, costumes and some pro wrestling stars, visit our FX! International Show 2009 Photo Gallery.


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  1. What dates are the fx show with celebrities in 2010. Is it in Feb 2010? Please let me know when and where. Thank you,Tom

  2. Google is now showing that FX Show’s website has been compromised – someone is apparently using their site to deliver malware, including Trojans. (Google does not believe that this is intentional from the site’s owners, rather that it really is compromised, and given that I’ve used their site in previous years, I believe that)

    This leaves me in a pickle, as I was hoping to see if they’ve updated the guest list for 2010 yet. 🙁 Anybody know who’s going to be there, and on what days? I LOVE going, it’s my favorite local con, but I like to plan ahead in case I want to meet/get autographs from particular guests (in particular, anybody from Firefly/Serenity or other Joss Whedon shows, like Buffy or Dollhouse, as they’re some of my geeky favorites. That, and people from Chuck, cause I love that show). Most guests charge anywhere from $10-$50 if you want an autograph (Nimoy and certain other big names it’s $50, people who are geek favorites but not as big a name, like Jewel Staite or Morena Baccarin, it’s usually more like $25), which is why I wanted to know several months ahead of time, so I can budget for it. : But I do not want to risk getting a trojan if Google AND my antivirus software are recognizing the site as compromised.

    Also, given the recession, I’m wondering what tickets are going to cost this year. It’s usually one of the cheaper cons, but you never know, they could need to compensate for all I know. Does anybody know? Like I said, I don’t want to visit their site for a while until I know that they’re malware-free again (for that matter, does anybody know if there’s a way to preorder tickets without using their main site? Just in case?).

    Thanks. 🙂

  3. Jamie: I braved it and ignored the warning. The site looks fine to me and I’m on a Mac so I’m not too worried about viruses.

    Here’s some info from the site… But they don’t have a guest list yet or ticket info. Seems to me the show may not happen this year. They also mention that you can follow them on Twitter, but they don’t give their Twitter name.

    MAY 21-23, 2010
    Location TBA, Dates subject to change

  4. It never happened for 2010 – no toy show of any kind at any location. I am unable to find anything for a show in 2011 right now. I see that there old site of “FXToyShow.com” is no longer in use (or any other web site) and I am unable to find anything when I search on FX International Show. Anyone have any idea if they will do another show???