Cheetah Hunt roller coaster track is complete, theming continues

By Don Gworek

Installation of the final section of Busch Gardens’ upcoming launch roller coaster, Cheetah Hunt, was completed at 9:30 p.m. Monday night. Workers were perched above the cables of the Skyway as they fastened on the final piece of track.

This photo from this past Saturday shows one of the Skyway cables lowered on pulley. The cable may have been lowered to give more room to the crane’s arm to maneuver the
final track section in place.

This was the state of the big drop on Saturday, where a lower section had recently been added.

Another view of the big drop, as seen last Saturday.

This view from the steam train shows the concrete floor of the passage beneath the steam train tracks was complete. Note the round foundations, with bolts ready to be fastened. The Cheetah Hunt track was probably very carefully lowered and threaded under the steam train tracks.

A fence is going along the steam train tracks in the final brake run, back into the
Cheetah Hunt station.

Theming of Cheetah Hunt is continuing at a brisk pace. A few weeks ago this
ancient-looking masonry was just raw cinder block wall and arches.

This is an interesting puzzle that is fun to watch unfold week to week. The large freshly-cast elevated platform seems to have the appearance of a performing stage, but it looks like it has drainage, so this may just be seating of an outdoor cafe.

A few weeks ago the tall grey masonry at left was freshly-weld I-beams, and had the appearance of an elevator.

Workers are crafting these cheetah figures side by side, probably to make them as identical as possible. When completed they should look like they’ve been carved from wood.

One more look, as workers place the final section of track.

Final piece of roller coaster track installed for Cheetah Hunt at Busch Gardens

Here’s a video of the installation of the final piece.


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