Chessington World of Adventures Resort channels its wild side

by Susan and Simon Veness

“Mardi Grrra!” celebrates Chessington World of Adventures’ animals, New Orleans style, as they prepare for May’s half-term fun.

mardi grrra performer
Photos courtesy of Chessington World of Adventures

Inspired by the famous Mardi Gras celebrations in New Orleans, Louisiana in the U.S., Chessington is throwing a family-friendly party from May 27-June 26, 2022, in honor of the various animal species who live in the park, in a jamboree of music, dance, and entertainment.

The zoo’s residents will enjoy animal-friendly treats, such as an edible headdress made with willow branches, which are a favorite food of the park’s tower of giraffes.

mardi grrra giraffes
The tower of Rothschild giraffe enjoy an edible headdress adorned with their favorite foods.

Flamboyant, animal-inspired Kreature Krewes – the zoo’s version of Mardi Gras’ parade krewes – invite guests to join in the celebration as they roam around the park.

In preparation for “Mardi Grrra!” the bird-themed High Flyers Krewe “took to the skies,” flying over the park onboard the Vampire roller coaster in full costume.

mardi grrra performers on vampire roller coaster
Mardi GRRRA! performers take on Chessington’s iconic rollercoaster, Vampire, before the party starts.

In a tamer pre-event preparation, the Elmer’s Colour Krewe spent some time with the rainbow lorikeets.

Brightly colored performers meet their chirpy counterparts.

Park admission starts at £36 per person ($45.28 U.S.) for a day enjoying more than 40 rides and attractions and more than 1,000 animals.

For more information on “Mardi Grrra!” and Chessington World of Adventures Resort, visit Chessington.com.


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