Chief Magic Official Justin Muchoney's Surprise Unbirthday Party at Epcot

Disney’s first-ever Chief Magic Official Justin Muchoney celebrated his final day in his role at Epcot, where he randomly invited park guests to join him in a surprise Unbirthday Party in The Odyssey, featuring Alice in Wonderland decorations and characters – as well as a few surprises for Justin.

On Earth Day 2008, Justin Muchoney was named Disney’s first Chief Magic Official (CMO). Over the course of the following year, Justin attended numerous special events, helping spread Disney magic to park guests. One year later, on Earth Day 2009, Justin helped assemble a special surprise Unbirthday Party at Epcot. The party featured drinks, a brownie bar, a DJ, hula hooping, dance contests, as well as characters from Alice in Wonderland.

Orlando Attractions Magazine had exclusive access to bring you along to the party:

Disney Chief Magic Official Justin Muchoney Unbirthday Party

You can download standard- and high-definition copies of this video in our Video section.

Here are a few photos from the event:

Just like in the currently-running “What Will You Celebrate?” Disney Parks commercials, Chief Magic Official Justin Muchoney used gold-colored “You’re Invited” envelopes to randomly invite Epcot park guests (like Chelsea from Calif., pictured here) to his surprise Unbirthday Party.

A former restaurant at Epcot, The Odyssey was transformed, featuring decorations straight out of Wonderland.

Unbirthday party guests danced as a DJ played fun tunes.

In honor of his year as Chief Magic Official, Justin Muchoney was presented a traditional 1-Year Cast Member pin as well as an Honorary Disney Ambassador pin.

You can see more great photos from the Chief Magic Official surprise Unbirthday Party our photo gallery.


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