Cinderella revealed as atrium statue for the Disney Wish cruise ship

During the Disney Parks Magical Christmas Day Celebration, it was revealed that the statue in the Disney Wish cruise ship atrium will be Cinderella.

The Disney Wish launches in the summer of 2022, one of three new Disney Cruise Line ships planned. it’s already been announced that Rapunzel will appear as the character on the back of the ship.

Also seen in the new concept art featuring the Cinderella statue is a better look at what looks like stained glass adorning the staircase and railings.

It hasn’t been announced what the restaurant off the atrium will be themed to, but in the new concept art, you can see some outlines of Moana characters on either side of the doorway behind Cinderella.

What other characters and themes would you like to see Disney’s new ship? Let us know in the comments below.


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