Club Penguin Characters Arrive at Disney's Hollywood Studios

Club Penguin characters Rockhopper and Bambadee

Club Penguin characters Rockhopper and Blue Penguin made their first appearance in a Disney theme park at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World on April 30, 2009:

Club Penguin Rockhopper and Blue Penguin at Walt Disney World

You can download standard and high-definition copies of this video in our Video section.

Rockhopper, the pirate penguin, and Blue Penguin have several scheduled meet-and-greet times throughout each day, posing in front of an icy backdrop straight out of Club Penguin.

Club Penguin is a massively-multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) inside a virtual world filled with games and activities.

Rockhopper and Blue Penguin are currently scheduled to appear at Disney’s Hollywood Studios for just a couple of weeks, so get your pictures with them soon! If they’re popular enough, they might stick around longer.

Club Penguin Rockhopper

Editor’s Note: The official name of the blue penguin was changed from Bambadee to Blue Penguin.
The last day to see the Club Penguins at Hollywood Studios is May 13, 2009.


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  1. On the Club Penguin website they had a post on the blog about it. To keep up with the story , if Rockhopper is at Walt Disney World (what a luck penguin) he can’t be on Club Penguin. Every couple of months Rockhopper docks his ship, the Migrator, on Club Penguin. Maybe they can create an entire story of Rockhopper’s vaction

  2. awesome Ive met rockhopper on club penguin but not in real life hoppe i can go to Disney land one day 🙁

  3. Right now it’s just Rockhopper and Bambadee. But if they’re popular enough at the park, they may add more characters.


  5. I couldnt go cause its across the country =[
    i wish they could have it in disneyLAND in CAlifornia too.

  6. Arrrrr.Penguins Again!
    Another news i am in club penguin i am changing my name to Spacerabbit1 so no body will know soo if you have luck to add me you will be added Mimo777 try to be on Snow Plow and go to the forest tommorrow at 2:30 i want to meet you

    Your Pirate Friend,
    Captain RockRabbit(Rockrabbit or (Spacerabbit1)

  7. Hi My Name is George Lopez
    Today i am here to tell rockhopper he is my biggest fan

    Rockhopper is cool
    RockRabbit is cool too
    rockhopper i already met you
    Rockrabbit can i meet you i hope i do i will come to disney world to find you

    ~George Lopez Angie Lopez~
    Max Lopez and Carmen Lopez~


  9. Rockhopper at disney world?? COOL! I guess!! IT should be called Rockworld because rockhopper and disney world.

  10. I am from Poland and i have lots of works to do. I wish i will be there

  11. I live in uk and i reallly wanted to go there but i cant cause its not the holidays yet. Anyway i wont be able to go.

  12. Im sad for the kid who had to get his picture taken with a random guy in a Rockhopper costume. Pretty lame that they don’t just have the real guy who is Rockhopper on clubpenguin, instead of just a random guy!

  13. hello people my penguin name is popman 90000 if u meet him your kool really i met rockhopper on CP and the famous penguins in CP and im not a member

  14. where’s yarr?! and, i love cp!!! i have 15+ penguins on it…..LOL….i can’t believe yarr isn’t there…just Rockhopper and Bambadee….the kids would probably love it if Yarr was there…

  15. i hope he’s still there at the end of June! or maybe more characters, u kno? that would be SO cool!

    and Yarr could be a little weiner dog dressed in a furry red costume with a hat! LOL

  16. The Club Penguins will only be appearing at Disney’s Hollywood Studios until Wednesday, May 13. It hasn’t yet been decided if or when they may return.

  17. Where is the Club Penguin toys located in disney world can someone send me a map or something so I can find one

  18. wow i wish i could go there its great lol by the way my name is nona for ave in cp see me any time k ?

  19. hey gorge lopez, i watch ur show every day for as much as i can. and im 10! my parents dont even like it but its just so good i watch it anyway. plus u havent had a new show in ahwile. i kinda relly want a new one.but anyway dude ur awsome, so is angie lopez, carman lopez,max lopez. u rock!

  20. Hey It’s Paintboy just letting you know that we just got done launching a new club penguin widgets and trackers site called clubpenguinwidgets.comYou’re invited to be one of the first cp bloggers to test it. We recoded our trackers and have trackers for sensei, aunt arctic, rockhopper, cadence, penguin band, and more. We also addedtons of exclusive widgets that no other clubpenguin widgets site has!!Hopefully the site helps you make your job easier!P.S.You Don’t Need To Publish This Comment

  21. I have see the penguin band + I have seen rockhopper and Aunt Artic and whenever I see them I allways get 1000 coins!
    I am not even a member! So I am fed Up all the tim aswell all I do Is buy all the colours and backgrounds and flags and pins! LOL

  22. I have only seen Rookie!!Most of the time I buy everything I can!I have never seen Vanessa___Though!
    This place is great But I know you can make it better + the pin u were showing I have never seen it!

  23. Hello guys!Its me Rockhopper I have just came to tell you that I only come on club penguin every Friday at 7:30pm or 9:00am!How much you talked about me and Uarr I just had to tell you!If anyone see Yarr do comment on this page I secretly go on it every week because of your lovely comments!

  24. I can’t wait until I’m like 13 or higher because I’m 9 and I live in Australia and I have to go overseas to see Rockhopper and Bandadee. I really want to go there because I am a huge fan of Club Penguin , I want to see the Penguins, Get my pic taken with Rockhopper and Bandadee, I have several toys of Club Penguin includingthe DS game (EPF) and I really love Club Penguin.

  25. lol imagine if suddenly someone who was playing cp saw RH and he umped out and said i’m the real one! He’s a fake! lol

  26. lol disney land is scary.childish themes.blahh lol. still cool though that cp has that in disneyland.

  27. i loooooooooooooooooooooooooovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeee cub pengin all my friends have one and so do i.
    uuuuuuuu im so jealous i want to take a picture with rockhopper and blue pengin.go rockhopper

  28. eu7 amo o CP fico jogando horas mais eu nunca vi o rockroupe ou a candece, outro dia eu entrei no CP e eu ganhei um selo da tia arctic mais eu nem vi ela e quando eu ia clicar nela ela desapareceu, eua cho q o CP tinha q mostrar para todo mundo os personagens.