Clyde & Seamore’s Sea Lion High now open at SeaWorld Orlando

by Banks Lee

Clyde & Seamore's Sea Lion High SeaWorld Orlando

After getting off of Pirate Island, Clyde & Seamore have enrolled in school as the new show Clyde & Seamore’s Sea Lion High opened today at SeaWorld Orlando.

Full of fun with sea lions, walruses and otters, the show takes place in an aquatic-themed high school where laughter and education go hand in hand (flipper). A new pre-show salutes teachers from all over, and guests learn about the animal stars, their relationships with the trainers, and how the animals are trained.

When Clyde and Seamore are nominated to win scholarships to Ocean University, they must pass their science, dance and gym classes in a storyline that is full of fast-paced fun. Also woven into the comedy are moments that subtly teach lessons such as the importance of keeping our oceans healthy.

Sea Lion High features a new, two-story set that is the marine mammal high school, complete with sea lion-sized waterslides and ladders for otters. SeaWorld’s animal stars and trainers have also worked together to put together new behaviors.

“We love creating a show like ‘Clyde & Seamore’s Sea Lion High’,” said Kelly Flaherty Clark, curator of animal training. “Finding entertaining ways to encourage guests to care about these animals is what we do, and this show does it in a way that makes you smile and laugh.”

The creative process to produce a show like Clyde & Seamore’s Sea Lion High is highly collaborative between animal trainers and the group of writers and directors. In fact, the process always starts with the animals. They watch interactions and relationship sessions with them and their trainers, looking for unique ways to highlight their natural abilities.

“The show takes our guests on a journey where they’ll learn about celebrating, connecting and caring for the natural world,” said Michael Fletcher, SeaWorld Orlando’s vice president of entertainment. “But this is a Clyde and Seamore production, and that means it’ll be hilarious and zany.” 

Keep your eyes open for a tribute to the old pirate show, and come early to see the new school crossing guard helping guests to their seats. 

 For more information and to purchase tickets, visit SeaWorldOrlando.com.

We’ll have a look at Clyde & Seamore’s Sea Lion High on the Apr. 23, 2015 episode of Orlando Attractions Magazine: The Show. See a small preview of Sea Lion High in our video below:

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Kyron April 17, 2015 - 1:49 am

SeaWorlds most amazing self inflicted failure of 2015 ! SeaLions High pre show.
The high visible absence of any laughter whatsoever is a stand alone testament of catastrophe failure an the Sea Lions pre show , the u tube videos demonstrate this too no end .
Hands up SeaWorld bring back the Mimes , each and every show as a new audience arrives only then the audience will experience SeaWorld has filleted the mines from the show and look on to a utter disgrace presented before them instead.
This is the new standard being set for the foreseeable future as new and most importantly old audiences return to see such a shambles and it will again cause such a dip in numbers at SeaWorlds gate , do express your views at SeaWorlds new CEO to stop the stupidly of the past management.

Kayson April 17, 2015 - 11:38 am

For your information two of the former mimes were in attendance at yesterdays grand opening show. Tom & Lynn, if they were so upset and disgruntled they would not have attended the show. At the end of the show they were down at the bottom of the stadium after all the guests had left talking to the trainers and the executives at the stadium and were having a good time. Yes, its sad when anyone is let go but understand it happens everywhere and everyday. Unfortunately SeaWorld said it was time for change. EPCOT last year got rid of some very popular acts in World Showcase that had been around forever and yes fans were upset but they moved on. Its time to move on from this. Remember the good times and the happy memories the mimes brought. After all that’s what they would have wanted.


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