Collecting Space 220 Trading Cards at Walt Disney World

by Matt Roseboom

If you dine at Space 220 Restaurant in Epcot at Walt Disney World, don’t miss out on your free set of Space 220 Trading Cards.

Inside Space 220 Restaurant at Epcot
Photo by Todd Anderson

Since Space 220 Restaurant opened last year, guests have been taking the Space Elevator “220 miles” above Epcot for lunch and dinner. But if they’re not in the know, they may be missing out on free exclusive collectible Space 220 trading cards. Here’s how to get them.

Space Elevator rare Space 220 restaurant trading card

With any kids meal or “mocktail” alcohol-free drink purchased, you’ll receive a set of cards. Each set contains five cards randomly pulled from three different series: Earth, Venus, and Mercury. Each of the three series includes six cards designed exclusively for, and distributed only at, the restaurant. All 18 cards feature original artwork and space-themed fun facts in one of three categories: Space Trivia, Food in Space Trivia, and Space Technology.

The sixth card in each series is the rare one. Known as Tech-SpecC Cards, you’ll notice them right away because instead of being in full color, they’re black and white with a blue foil ink. Each of the three rare cards gives an inside look at specifications of current and future space technologies. The three rare cards are Grow Zone, Space Elevator, and Centauri Space Station (the “station” where guests are dining.)

Our extended family has received nine packs of cards so far and we still don’t have a full set. Out of the nine packs, we have only received one rare card, so they really are very rare. Here’s a look at the front and back of all our cards so far. We have them all except the Space Elevator and Centauri Space Station rare cards.

Front of Space 220 restaurant trading cards
Back of Space 220 restaurant trading cards

There’s no end date for this current set of 18 cards, but they are calling them “limited.” Once they’re retired, they do have plans for more sets.

Here’s look at the making of the first set:

For more information and to make a reservation to Space 220 Restaurant, visit DisneyWorld.com.


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How much can u sell them for?


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