Comedy skit during memorial pays tribute to Disney comedic actor

We don’t usually report sad news, but when I came across this great tribute to a great comedy actor, I just had to share it.

mark-priestYou may not know Mark Priest by name, but you may have enjoyed seeing him perform as Mack in Captain Jack Sparrow’s Pirate Tutorial at the Magic Kingdom. You may have also enjoyed Mark’s performances at Universal Studios, Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows, or King Henry’s Feast among others.

In a recent tragic accident, he was seriously injured when he fell during a mock sword fight in the Pirate Tutorial. He later died at the hospital.

Needless to say, Mark had many friends. Many of them spoke or sang songs during his memorial service. But two of his friends decided to pay tribute to him in a most fitting way, with a comedy skit.

You may recognize the two performers, A. Ali Flores and Paul Tomayko.

Paul has performed at Epcot (Innoventions, Anacomical Players, World Showcase Players, Holidays Around the World), Universal (as Louis Tully at the Ghostbusters Attraction), Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows and Disney Hollywood Studios (Citizens of Hollywood Streetmosphere and Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular).

Ali is currently performing at the American Idol Experience as an audience warm-up. He was previously a member of the Citizens of Hollywood Streetmosphere as Frankie Scottkey of the Hollywood Public Works and Officer Duncan Donut (Doh-Noo) of the Hollywood Police Department. He also performed the role of assistant director at the Indiana Jones Epic Stunt Spectacular.

Ali and Paul both worked with Mark at Sleuths Mystery Dinner Shows. With the permission of Ali, Paul and Mark’s family, here’s the tribute skit:
(Before you watch, it helps to know that Mark loved Abbot and Costello, Batman and slap-stick comedy.)

Comedy skit at memorial service a tribute to a Disney actor

You can view the full memorial service at


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