Construction Update: Skull Island: Reign of Kong at Universal Orlando


By Trevor Aydelotte, @OrlandoBrothas

Construction is moving at a rapid pace for Universal Orlando’s latest attraction: Skull Island: Reign of Kong. With the recent reveal of the King Kong rock formation near the construction walls, it seems as though a construction update is welcomed! Scroll below to check out the progress on this exciting new addition, coming to Islands of Adventure in the summer of 2016!

DSC_0052 Here’s a good look at the inspiration for this attraction himself: King Kong. The detail in this rockwork alone is quite impressive, and definitely hints to the detail that will go into this attraction down the road! (Note: The crane that says “Cross” in the background was pouring concrete into a large hole to the right of the King Kong rock.)

DSC_0054 Another angle of the recently revealed Kong rock.

DSC_0051 The frame for some rockwork seems to be appearing to the left of the King Kong rock. We cannot wait to see what this formation brings to the attraction.

DSC_0064 We now head to the top of the Camp Jurassic playground for some semi-aerial photos of Kongstruction. Minus the pole and the trees, you can see just how far the façade work is coming along.

DSC_0106 Texture seems to be added to the left half of the top of the façade. This has been relatively bare for months, so it is good to see some detail finally filling in.

DSC_0111 Two orange markers caught our eye towards the top of what may be the main ride entrance. They may be nothing, but we thought they were in an odd location.

DSC_0081-2 Looking at the possible ride entrance, and we see scaffolding, water jugs, and other miscellaneous construction equipment. Again, nothing big, but still fun to observe.

DSC_0095-2 On to our last photo, and we see these two pillars that we are unsure about. We noticed them stationed to the right of the opening, and we could not help but wonder what they are going to be used for. One of us suggested that they could be a prop used to offer a “sacrifice” of some sort. Additionally, we noticed tiny ledges protruding from the left and right sides of these poles.

Again, we are excited about this upcoming attraction at Islands of Adventure, and we cannot wait to see how it progresses as we move closer to its summer 2016 deadline. If these early signs are any indication as to what this ride will be like upon opening, we are in for a major treat. Stay tuned for more construction updates as the days go by, as well as some looks around the other Orlando-based attractions.


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