Couple gets engaged on the Orlando SkyCoaster at Fun Spot America

A brave and happy couple is now engaged after a high-flying proposal on the Orlando SkyCoaster at Fun Spot America on July 30, 2018.

Bowden (bottom left) holds up a sign that says “Will you marry me?” to his girlfriend aboard the SkyCoaster.

Bryce Bowden and Emily Dreasher of St Augustine, Fla. visited Fun Spot in Orlando yesterday with family and friends, but Dreasher had no idea what her now fiancé and parents had planned.

The couple has been together for five years, after having a missed connection and living in the same town their entire lives.


Congrats to the happy couple!

“I was talking with her parents and we decided that when she went on the SkyCoaster, that I was gonna propose to her,” said Bowden. “So we made a sign, and once she went up, right when they pulled the cord, I held up the sign so she could see it on the way down.”


Bowden then met his bride-to-be in the lift for the SkyCoaster and properly got down on one knee to ask the big question. Of course, Dreasher said yes!

The couple has been together for almost five years, and visit Fun Spot every single time they come to stay in Orlando.

“It’s definitely the place to go to for us,” said Bowden. “She [Dreasher] is a little adrenaline junkie.”

We wish the best of luck and congratulations to the happy couple!


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