Crayola Experience Kid CEO pays ‘Executive Visit’ to Orlando attraction

Crayola Experience Orlando had an “executive visit” recently from its newly-named Kid CEO for a day packed with colorful operational reviews, hands-on assessments, and consultative meetings.

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Sage Gooden of Harmony, Fla. was named Kid CEO (Chief Experience Officer) for the Day earlier this year, and brings with her seven years of experience as a kid to the position.

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After receiving her official ID badge and business cards, Gooden spent the day onsite with the Orlando attraction and corporate teams. Her day at work was packed with official business matters, like attending a morning staff meeting, hearing presentations about the attractions and merchandising development process, evaluating the attraction’s newest offerings and sharing her assessments and recommendations, and even choosing a color name for a new retail product.

During the Attractions Development Meeting, Gooden shared her own idea for a new attraction—Sage’s Tie Dye-nomite—that incorporates tie-dye activities as part of the experience.

For the retail portion of her day, Gooden chose products in the Crayola Store for a new “Kid CEO Favorites” retail display that the staff assembled. She also introduced the limited edition “Sage in Harmony” crayon, a Crayola sea green crayon she renamed for a limited run that’s available while supplies last.

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“We want kids to be more engaged in the kinds of experiences we deliver that will inspire creativity, and Sage is helping us with that,” said Victoria Lozano, senior vice president and general manager of Crayola Experience. “She is a dynamic kid, bursting with ideas and embodying the Crayola spirit – clearly the right skill set for the most colorful job ever.”

Earlier this year, Gooden was one of hundreds of applicants to apply for the new position of Kid CEO for the Day at Crayola Experience. She was chosen for the job after submitting a short video “resume,” explaining why she was the best choice and sharing her idea for making the attraction even more fun for kids.

Crayola Experience “hired” five kids to fill the position at each of its five locations around the U.S. – Easton, Pa.; Orlando, Fla.; Bloomington, Minn. (Mall of America); Plano, Texas; and Chandler, Ariz.


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