New build your own custom Minifigure at The Lego Store at Disney Springs

A new custom experience has debuted inside The Lego Store at Disney Springs, allowing guests to customize their own Lego minifigure.

Those wanting to take part in the Lego Minifigure Factory must first purchase it from any of the checkout counters. Once bought, you will receive a special box that will house the custom figure when finished.

The experience starts at touch screens where you will design the body of your Lego minifigure. There are many options available for both sides of the body, from colors to graphics to text. You can even draw your own design!

Once you have finalized your design, it is sent to a printer nearby. While waiting, you can go to a tower and pick out your mini head, hair, legs, and accessories.

Minifigures go through the printer twice, once for the front and once for the back. The whole printing and then drying process takes around 10 minutes if no other people are in front of you.

Once finished, you will receive your completed minifigure as well as a special block with your name on the front and “Lego Disney Springs” on the back!

The Lego Minifigure Factory runs during the same hours as The Lego Store at Disney Springs and is $11.99 per minifigure. Take a look at our video below for a look at the full creation process.


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  1. I’m planning on coming up to Disney world in may of 2023 and I would like to make one for my nephew he and I do legos so I can’t wait to do it for him I’m going to surprise him with it I can’t wait to see what u have