Denmark’s Sommerland Sjælland opening SamyKart interactive go-kart track on May 12

The first SamyKart interactive go-kart track is coming soon to Sommerland Sjælland in Denmark.

Sommerland Sjælland, a privately owned theme park in Denmark, is opening the first SamyKart high-tech interactive go-kart track on May 12.

The new SamyKart interactive go-kart attraction is scheduled to open on May 12, 2017 at Sommerland Sjælland in Denmark. The advanced interactive system built into the French Sodi Go-karts was invented and developed locally in Sommerland Sjælland with staff from robot engineers from, with track layout and some of the installation design by Leisure Expert Group, NL, and safety supervision by the Danish technical institute FORCE.

SamyKart is intended to bring elements of racing video games into the real world by allowing riders to trigger special effects as they compete. For example, you may be driving down the go-kart track when suddenly your opponent triggers your to kart slow down for 5 seconds. An archway along the track may launch a 4.5 psi spray of water to soak another driver if you time pressing the button on your steering wheel correctly.

And in the final round, if you time your button press correctly you can use a shortcut built into the penultimate corner, reappearing on the track on the other side ahead of your competitors.

“The ambition is to make the most fun go-kart track in the world, and I think we have succeeded,” says Kåre Dyvekær, Owner, CEO and inventor of the system.

For more information about SamyKart and Sommerland Sjælland, visit and watch this video:

SamyKart skal være verdens sjoveste gokartbane

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