Discarded glass gets a new life at Fort Wilderness

As part of the continuing environmental efforts at Walt Disney World, the resort is turning discarded glass into useful sand and gravel through a new glass recycling project at Fort Wilderness.

Walt Disney World Resort glass recycling
Photos courtesy of Walt Disney World Resort

Through a new pilot program, the glass placed in recycling bins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground is placed into a glass pulverizer that crushes it into gravel-sized pieces and fine sand-like material, which is then used at Fort Wilderness to fill in holes on gravel roads and horseback riding trails.

Walt Disney World Resort glass recycling
Walt Disney World Resort glass recycling

“The pulverizer processes the glass in a way that removes any sharp edges, which makes it safe for animals to walk on,” wrote Disney Parks VP of Animals, Science, and Environment Dr. Mark Penning in the Disney Parks Blog. “And, it actually creates less dust on the trails, which makes a better experience for everyone.”

The pulverizer can process up to 2,000 pounds of glass per hour – that’s a whole ton of glass converted into sand and gravel instead of being routed to a landfill.   

Walt Disney World Resort glass recycling

“We’re always dreaming of the possibilities of tomorrow at Disney, and we apply that same approach when we think about the environment,” Dr. Penning said.” “While this is an early step, it’s exciting to picture what’s possible when we take action to change our planet’s story.”  

This glass recycling project is the latest example of how The Walt Disney Company is working to protect the planet, along with reducing greenhouse gas emissions, conserving water, achieving zero waste to landfills, further reducing single-use plastics and emissions, and expanding renewable energy efforts.     

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