Discover the stories behind the rides with ‘Park Lore’

Launched this month by entertainment writer Brian Krosnick, Park Lore is a new, comprehensive online library of the artwork, concepts, memories, and stories behind classic theme park attractions.

park lore

Park Lore offers readers in-depth features that chronicle the making-of and “ride-throughs” of not just the popular rides we know today, but also plenty of closed, classic “Lost Legends,” never-built “Possibilitylands,” and the true stories of (and lessons learned from) “Declassified Disasters.”

park lore

“Walt Disney famously said that Disneyland would never be completed, and I hope that’s true of Park Lore, too,” said founder and writer Krosnick. “This is an ongoing, expanding project with new connections, threads, and features every month. I want readers to ‘zoom in’ to relive, understand, and celebrate their favorite rides, and then ‘zoom out’ to the thousand-foot view; to see how changing pop culture and the ebbs and flows of the industry create the parks we love.”

park lore

Park Lore is the result of a project which seeks to assemble, refine, unite, and expand the stories of the attractions we all love in one continuously-evolving place, and will publish in-depth features going forward. The website features not just detailed entries on attractions designed by Walt Disney Imagineering and Universal Creative, but also those at regional parks across the U.S. and internationally that have developed die-hard followings for being incredibly good… or bad.

park lore

Anyone can register for a “Day Guest” account to contribute to the community, create a profile, and join comment and discussion sessions. There are also sustaining memberships priced from $3-8 per month that grant “Passholders” access to rare concept art in every story, in-feature audio streams, membership cards and postcard sets designed by artist Rob Yeo, and early access to future projects planned for the website.

Select Passholder levels will also get access to two exclusive collections, offering more than 100 features between them, including:

  • “The 25 Best Audio-Animatronics on Earth”
  • “The Seven ‘Natural” Wonders of the Theme Park World”
  • “The Real History of 6 Hollywood Icons Brought to Life in Disney Parks”

Other exclusives include hours of in-depth “Special Features,” like “Avengers: Custody War” exploring Disney and Universal Parks’ sharing Marvel heroes, with new content promised every month in each collection.

For details about Park Lore, the site’s membership options, and more, head to


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