Disney opens on-site health and wellness center


Hundreds of Walt Disney World cast members completed a wellness walk around Epcot just in time to help officially open the Center for Living Well, an on-site health and wellness center that will provide eligible cast members and their families with a “one-stop shop” for primary medical care and related services, including a pharmacy, lab, basic radiology, and wellness and behavioral health resources.

“The opening of the Center for Living Well is a significant milestone in our journey to help cast members and their families lead healthier lives,” said Walt Disney World President Meg Crofton. “This special place will inspire cast members to take a proactive approach to their health and provide resources that will make it easier than ever before for them to take advantage of the many health and wellness resources Disney offers.”

Disney selected Take Care Health Systems (formerly CHD Meridian Healthcare) to operate and provide medical and pharmacy services at the $6 million, 15,000-square-foot facility. As the operator of the Center for Living Well, Take Care Health has committed to providing cast members and their dependents who participate in the company’s health plans with:

• High-quality, personalized care facilitated by a multi-lingual staff of credentialed medical professionals.

• Coordinated treatment made possible by relationships with specialists and other facilities throughout the region, referral scheduling support and the latest in medical technology, including electronic medical records and prescriptions and digital radiology.

• Privacy and confidentiality, through special facility design features, such as a sophisticated white noise system that enables private conversations, the use of pagers to facilitate efficient and discreet communication between patients and staff, and a unique exam room design that prevents others from seeing who is inside the room when the door is open.

“Across our organization, cast members at all levels have been taking ‘one simple step’ toward a healthier lifestyle using the resources provided by our company,” said Al Weiss, president of worldwide operations for Walt Disney Parks & Resorts. “There is a lot of momentum around our wellness journey, and we will continue to engage our cast members in new and innovative health and wellness opportunities.”

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  1. We did not like the experience we had to deal with at the health and living well center. The staff misdiagnosed my son twice in a month and giving him prescription medications that were not necessary. Logging in symptons on a laptop to find out what is wrong with you is not the type of results that I would want to receive. We went to our normal Fmaily Physician and received the correct diagnosis.

  2. They also led us to believe that it was open to all when they first opened. What they don’t tell you is that once you leave Disney you can never return…not for prescriptions, not for follow-ups..nothing. If you have a serious illness that can be a problem. They simply tell you to look elsewhere for help! Not a very good practice. I agree with the above poster on checking laptops for symptoms…and I rarely saw a doctor in 4 years, only nurse practitioners…which was fine until now.