Disney moving to seasonal pricing for one-day tickets

Walt Disney World annual pass MagicBand

Starting Feb. 28, both Walt Disney World in Florida and Disneyland in California will begin new seasonal pricing for one-day tickets.

Single-day ticket prices will now vary based on a tiered pricing structure. Dates are divided into one of three “seasons”: Value, Regular or Peak. For Walt Disney World, Peak dates will see a one-day Magic Kingdom ticket being $124, and the other three parks $114. For Regular dates, Magic Kingdom will be $110 and the other three $102. Finally Value date prices will remain the same as the current one-day prices, $105 at Magic Kingdom and $97 at the other three parks.

Disneyland in California will also implement the one-day seasonal pricing structure, with prices varying from $95 to $119 per park per day.

Multi-day tickets at Walt Disney World will not be part of the tiered pricing, but will raise in price. Annual Pass prices will not be affected at this time.

Here’s a look at the 2016 calendar showing which days are which prices:

Disney ticket price calendar

For more information on the new ticket prices, head to DisneyWorld.com/Tickets starting Feb. 28, 2016.


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