Prepare for your next Disney vacation with a free vacation planning videos

Prepare for your next Disney trip by watching some custom Disney Parks Vacation Planning videos.

Are you planning a trip to Walt Disney World or Disneyland? You can watch free official Vacation Planning videos to help!

Along with our posts and videos on the goings-on in the parks, these videos will help you to plan a perfect vacation at the most magical and happiest places on Earth.

Signing up for the Walt Disney World version of the vacation planning videos also gives you a chance to receive unique and exclusive discounts from Disney. This offer is completely free with no conditions, as these planning videos will help you get even more excited about your upcoming vacation.

The planning videos give an overview of the parks of your choice (Walt Disney World or Disneyland), including footage of the theme parks, resort hotels, ticketed special events for holidays and more. These are the same videos that used to be mailed out on a DVD, but now you can watch them immediately.

Get your free copies of the Disney Parks Vacation Planning videos by clicking the graphic below, and check out our site and YouTube channel for stories, videos and more to help you plan your next magical getaway.


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