Disneyland donates $600,000 for new facility to help homeless in Anaheim

The Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, Calif. has donated $600,000 to Chrysalis, a California-based nonprofit that helps to lift homeless and low income people out of poverty and find steady employment.

Disneyland is partnering with Chrysalis to help support the homeless communities of Anaheim.

These donated funds will help the organization bring its services to Orange County with the opening of a new facility in Anaheim. Chrysalis has helped more than 60,000 California residents to date as they overcome obstacles and become more financially stable.

In addition to the monetary donation, Disneyland will provide the nonprofit organization with Disney VoluntEARS cast member support, along with industry expertise, to help these individuals in need increase their skill sets and secure their paths to new jobs and careers.

Disney VoluntEARS have already launched a clothing drive to collect business casual clothing from cast members, along with packaging hygiene kits for Chrysalis.

“This marks our increasing commitment to the city of Anaheim and the future of its economy and workforce,” said Josh D’Amaro, president of the Disneyland Resort.

“Chrysalis is honored to have received this transformative gift from Disneyland Resort,” said Mark Loranger, president and CEO of Chrysalis. “We believe that a steady job is a key step in a person’s transition out of poverty and onto a pathway to self-sufficiency.”

To learn more about Chrysalis and the work it does for California communities, visit ChangeLives.org.

Check out this video below, which explains the collaboration between the two companies:

Disneyland Resort Donates $600,000 to Chrysalis

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