‘Frozen’ will come to life at Disneyland Paris in 2020 with Frozen Celebration

Fans of all ages will be able to enjoy brand-new offerings inspired by “Frozen” at Disneyland Paris with Frozen Celebration, a new seasonal event.

frozen celebration

From Jan. 11 – May 3, 2020, guests can take part in an interactive adventure with Anna and Elsa, meet Olaf and watch “Frozen” characters pass by on a brand-new float.

“Frozen 2: An Enchanted Journey”

Anna and Elsa will wear their outfits from the new film on a brand-new float unveiled just for the occasion. Traveling along the park’s parade route, the float will feature the silhouette of Nokk, the mysterious creature seen in the trailers. Olaf and Anna will be in an ice canoe and Sven will bring up the rear of the float. The entire display will be surrounded by dancers and accompanied with music from the new film.

“Frozen: A Musical Invitation”

a musical invitation

Walt Disney Studios Park is putting on a brand-new show all about the first “Frozen” film, called “Frozen: A Musical Invitation.” The show is performed several times a day over at Animation Celebration.

In the show, Anna is celebrating a major occasion: Queen Elsa’s ice palace opening up to the public for the first time. But before that, she’ll make sure that everyone learns the magical moves to celebrate her sister’s icy powers.

frozen celebration

All of this takes place inside Kristoff’s barn, where guests will get to see Sven the reindeer for the first time onstage at Disneyland Paris. Kristoff will even sing “Reindeers Are Better Than People” live.

a musical invitation

The big moment comes when Anna invites everyone to enter a new space that opens directly into a room inside Elsa’s palace. Guests will be invited to perform the moves they just learned as Elsa sings “Let it Go.” Afterward, everyone will come together to sing “Love is an Open Door.”

frozen celebration

Guests will also be able to meet Olaf at Animation Celebration, who is always ready for a fun photo-op.

“Frozen 2” Sneak Peek

Guests visiting Walt Disney Studios Park can get an exclusive glimpse of the first images from “Frozen 2” in Studio Theater. They’ll see a special sneak peek of the new film in a theater all decorated in the colors of the new film.

Magic Over Lake Disney: The Frozen Edition

magic over lake disney

End your day at Disneyland Paris on Jan. 24, 27 and 29, 2020 with “Magic Over Lake Disney: The Frozen Edition.” This new show will bring iconic scenes from the “Frozen” films to life over Lake Disney. This show is free for guests to experience.

To learn more about “Frozen”-themed offerings at Disneyland Paris, visit DisneylandParis.com.


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