Disneyland Paris offers guests a prize-winning interactive treasure hunt

by Susan and Simon Veness

Disneyland Paris has partnered with mobile phone company Orange to feature Celebration Quest, an interactive treasure hunt through both parks.

Disneyland Paris Celebration Quest
Images courtesy of Disney

The new in-park adventure has been created especially for the resort’s 30th anniversary, and is downloaded via an app, with the chance to win prizes such as park tickets and hotel stays, and unlock special photo-op filters.

The digital quest features 30 puzzles across both the Disneyland Park and the Walt Disney Studios, with 25 in the former (five in each land) and five in the latter.

Guests will solve puzzles by scanning a specific décor element with their phone’s camera, and answering a question in some cases. Each puzzle solved will unlock a digital badge and a fun fact about the element’s location.

When a puzzle is too complex or a location is temporarily inaccessible, adventure hunters can use the app’s “Magic Book” to obtain the necessary badge without solving that particular puzzle.

There are five rare badges that constitute the “Treasure Hunt,” while the other 25 make up the “Collection.”

In addition, an exclusive photo filter is unlocked after guests solve a certain group of puzzles, which offers the chance to take a photo with one of the park’s characters in their 30th anniversary costumes.

There are seven photo filters to unlock, one per land in the Disneyland Park, one for the Walt Disney Studios, and one for the “Treasure Hunt.”

The big pay-off comes when guests complete either the “Treasure Hunt” or the “Collection,” as this provides access to the prize draw, with stays at Disneyland Paris, park tickets, and new 5G smart-phones all on offer.

To download the free app, visit the App or Google Play stores. To see more about it how it works, see the special Youtube.com link or visit the App store.


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