Disneyland park prepares for next phase of growth with Project Stardust

After 64 years, Disneyland park is still a symbol of all things magical, and it takes a lot of work to keep it that way.

Project Stardust will help prepare Disney’s original theme park for the next generation of visitors.

The gateway to Fantasyland and the icon of the park – Sleeping Beauty Castle – has been refreshed and updated many times over the years since Disney Legend and Imagineering artist Herbert Ryman originally created the concept illustration of the castle. Today, Sleeping Beauty is now undergoing another refurbishment to prepare for this summer’s opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

This project is part of Project Stardust – a lineup of enhancements to the Disneyland Resort, specifically Disneyland park, in order to continue offering a guest experience that people come to expect. These enhancements range from overall beautification of the park, to maximizing guest access and comfort.

Once Project Stardust is complete, Disneyland park will retain its iconic status, but also be prepared for the next phase of the resort’s growth as a new wave of guests travel to the park to experience Galaxy’s Edge.


Many enhancements under Project Stardust have already been completed or are now underway. On Main Street, U.S.A., curbs are being enhanced with slow inclines to improve guest access upon first entering the park. New brickwork adds to the storytelling of the street, and for the first time ever, the horse-drawn streetcar track was entirely replaced.

Fantasyland has received upgraded guest queues for Matterhorn Bobsleds, “it’s a small world,” and Dumbo the Flying Elephant, and The Tropical Hideaway in Adventureland now welcomes guests to a new experience in an area that was previously underutilized.

Throughout the park, the locations of outdoor carts and planters are being changed to make more walking space available and offer more efficient stroller areas. Disneyland park will also offer more seating than ever before once Project Stardust is complete.

All of these changes are to help prepare Disneyland park for the next generations of guests to enjoy, all while preserving the park’s original integrity and magic.

Check out this video of Disney Imagineer Kim Irvine talking about the updates to Sleeping Beauty Castle below:

History of the Sleeping Beauty Castle with Kim Irvine | Disneyland Resort

To learn more about Disneyland park, visit Disneyland.com.


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