Disney’s Animal Kingdom prepares for three new baby rhinos

by Attractions Magazine Staff

On Sept. 22, World Rhino Day, Disney’s Animal Kingdom announced that it’s currently taking care of three pregnant white rhinoceros. They are the second-largest land animal and are endangered in the wild because of poaching, so the care team at Animal Kingdom is taking extra precautions with the new moms-to-be.

animal kingdom

Kendi was the first rhino born at Animal Kingdom back in 1999, and now she’s expected to deliver this October. Talk about the circle of life! 

Jao is expected to give birth around this time next year, and Lola is due soon after. Gestation periods for rhinos can last from 16-18 months, and calves can weigh 88-140 pounds at birth. For the first three years, babies are really close to their mothers.

animal kingdom

With frequent checkups and ultrasounds, veterinarians with the keeper team at the park will keep a close eye on these expectant mothers.  


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