Orlando Haunts brings the spooky season home

Forget the princess costumes and super hero capes this Halloween. Orlando Haunts is all about terrible tales of secret societies, murders in hidden tunnels, ill-fated UFO encounters, ghostly hauntings, and all things tragic and terrifying.

orlando haunts

Known for their ghostly guided walking tours through some of America’s most haunted cities, including Florida’s own St. Augustine, Miami, and Key West, Orlando Haunts has branched out to meet the needs of aficionados of the mysterious and metaphysical.

This year, these professional purveyors of the paranormal have added three new ways to experience the frights, and none of them involve social distancing, face masks, or even the need to leave your own home.

Those who prefer to keep their distance this Halloween season can still participate in a ghost tour in any of 20+ cities around the country through live streaming GhostFlix events. Listen to stories about haunted locations and see the buildings and places that draw paranormal activity during your virtual tour, all led by experienced guides who know their city well.

Among the tours on offer are haunted Boston, gruesome Gettysburg, ghost-infested New Orleans, and murderous Chicago. Tickets are $15 per viewer. On-demand pre-recorded tours from past events are also available at $13 per viewing.

You’ve heard of Elf on a Shelf? Meet the “ghoul on a porch” named Lily, who may enter your home as a supernatural effigy designed to aid you in warding off evil spirits, or a stealthy  haunted doll whose only aim is to turn up in unexpected places and frighten the life out of you, your loved ones, or your Halloween trick-or-treaters.

Lily’s unsettling story can be found on US Ghost Adventures, along with creepy suggestions on how best to put her powers to work, tips for keeping her happy, and a link to place an order for your own Lily-Host A Ghost. Just don’t let her settle in near your bedside!

For those who prefer their ghost stories in actual story form, Orlando Haunts’ voice app allows you to access frightful tales from any device equipped with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. Just download the app and say, “Alexa, open Ghost Adventures” or “Hey Google, talk to Ghost Adventures” to choose from over 100 narrated stories.

You don’t have to wait until the “season of the witch” to take a live guided ghost tour of Orlando, though. Walking tours are offered year-round, they’re open to all ages, and they can be booked directly on Orlando Haunts.


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