Donald Duck's Pseudo-MySpace Page and Qua-Hack

Many of us knew that Donald Duck was entering the Disney CMO contest, despite being obviously ineligible (employee of The Walt Disney Co., rules against not wearing pants, etc.). Now, we’ve been alerted to several more attempts made by Donald to work his way into the contest.

First, we’ve got Donald’s psuedo-MySpace page / blog here. He’s got some big name friends and even an e-mail address where you can write to him.

Then, on the bottom of the official Dream CMO web site, we see this mysterious message:

[starting qua-hack] … ftp access: user/donald pw/****
[15:22 EST] – Donald Dream CMO …hopefully I didn’t leave a trace of my Qua-hack into the DreamCMO site. Hopefully no one will find out about my upcoming Qua-hack on Feb 11th – Donald 🙂

Finally, if you do e-mail Donald, you’ll get a personal response:

Dear Friend,

Thanks for your support in my impending role as the first Disney Parks Chief Magic Official!

Since everyone knows I will be the CMO, there is no need to visit and watch videos from the other applicants. They don’t stand a chance against me!

Your Pal,

Donald Duck

(Donald Duck Approved This Message)

Looks like Donald’s trying harder to get into the contest than the 2007 Dream Job winners are (which includes myself).

Good luck, Donald!


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