Enchanted Tales with Belle in New Fantasyland now previewing for cast members – Photos/Video


The Enchanted Tales with Belle attraction inside Maurice’s Cottage in New Fantasyland was open for cast previews this past weekend and we were able to tag along.

Here’s a complete video of the experience. If you don’t want to spoil it all before you see it yourself, but still want to know what it’s like, scroll down for photos of each main area.

Full Enchanted Tales with Belle experience in New Fantasyland - Disney's Magic Kingdom

The area surrounding Maurice’s cottage is filled with trees and plants. Befitting the Fantasyland Forest name of course.

Once inside the “small” cottage, you’ll notice a lot of cool details all around.

Including the portrait of a young Belle with her mother.

You’ll also notice this plain-looking mirror on the wall.

But this is no regular mirror. This is a magic mirror given to Maurice by Beast as a way to quickly transport him to Beast’s castle.

Magically, the mirror turns into a doorway.

Once inside the castle, guests will meet an animated Madame Wardrobe. She talks with the guests and cast members as the guests are picked to help reenactment the story of Beauty and the Beast.

Then guests are led into the final room where Lumiere introduces Belle and the storytelling begins. Here Belle is dancing with her “Beast”. After the story is done, all of the guests get a chance to have their photo taken with Belle.

Regular guest previews of New Fantasyland are set to start on Nov. 19 and the grand opening is Dec. 6, 2012. But if you’re in the park before then, be sure to ask a nearby cast member if any previews are going on.

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Chris Blanc September 3, 2012 - 11:37 am

Gutted we wont be able to check this out when we visit Sept / Oct

swmrgrl September 13, 2012 - 7:01 pm

I got in today for a preview. There was a cast member standing at the construction door across from Pinocchio Village Haus. If guests ambled over and asked questions, she let us in with the standard admonition that this was just a trial period and that aspects of the show were not finalized and might change. She asked us to commit an hour but it didn’t take nearly that long. I loved the details in each of the four rooms that made up the tour/show.


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