Epcot Photo Update for July 1, 2008

I spent most of the day Tuesday at Epcot and took these pictures of new/different/interesting things is saw …

The line for The Seas with Nemo and Friends ride was as long as I’ve seen it in a long time. This was around 1 p.m. The sign said 45 minutes, but knowing how long the que is inside, I bet it was even longer.

The Tollhouse Jr. Chef area where kids got to make cookies is gone and the area has been walled up.

A small play area at the end of the Velcro exhibit in Innoventions. This area opened after the exhibit had been opened a while.

The old forrest area in Innoventions where you could make paper was walled up, as was the area next to it which housed the Fantastic Plastics area. Either or maybe both of these areas will probably reopen as the new StormStruck area, highlighting the damage a hurricane can do to a home. The paper making part the the forest exhibit is still available at the other end of Innoventions.

There was a long line for Spaceship Earth when I first arrived at the park. Later in the day it was closed. I heard one of the cast members say something about a motor needing repaired. It was open again with long lines as I passed by that evening.

The Nine Dragons restaurant is closed for refurbishment for a few months. While it’s closed, this temporary stand will open up.

The outdoor train set in Germany was looking as messed up as usual with coins and pebbles everywhere. The town looked a little like something out of the new movie “The Happening” with many of the residents laying face down.

The Sounds Like Summer Concert Series is ongoing. The Abba tribute band Bjorn Again was playing.

The cool looking Monorail dishes they serve kids meals in in the Japan restaurants are for sale in the shop downstairs. The not cool part is they cost $49 each.

The fountain in France wasn’t working, but that offered a neat view of the inner-workings.

Another one of those things that may be new, or just something I never noticed. Although you can’t see it too well in this picture, the lights around the edges of the buildings were on before dark in England.

July 1 is Canada Day and there was a small group of people dressed for the occasion and dancing the day away. There were also many Canadian flags on display around the pavilion.

This last one isn’t at Epcot, but at the Transportation and Ticket Center. It’s a new place to get some refreshments before or after your ride to Epcot or Magic Kingdom.


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